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Cell membrane car

Ethan D.


This is the jello car. It takes a different approach to transportation: it is like a huge living cell. Instead of a thick strong metal out side, it has a squishy stretchy outside that acts very similar to a cell membrane. This gives it many advantages. First of all, this allows it to expand to any size needed—it can be a minivan, a truck, or a small one person car. This makes it more aerodynamic, and saves gas. The stretchy outside also acts in the same way an amoeba does when it uses its cell membrane as a pseudopod. It has the ability to move, stretch, and shape it's membrane however the user desires. So even the car chairs and much of the inside is actually made of this soft membrane material. Because of this, the inside of the vehicle is much simpler and can be easily changed to any shape the user can imagine, allowing for a very comfy ride. Imagine this: you just press a couple of buttons and a secret compartment comes out of the wall, or a cup holder comes out of nowhere, or your seat turns into a bed, or a couch, and the whole section In front of you turns holds up a computer that can play a movie for you. Now that would be an awesome car ride. This strange ability that the car has has many other advantages, including making car crashes seem like no big deal. Instead of hitting each other, causing a huge jolt, and causing tons of damage, the cars simply bounce off each other, or even change shape to not hit each other at all. You could even have your car grow wings and fly. It almost seems like this car could do anything.