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Safe Steer

Bao-Tran L.


Safe Steer is a steering wheel designed to stop drunk driving. When using this product, the steering wheel has fenestrated leather which allows it to heat up just a small amount to accommodate for the driver's hands to sweat. The pores will then suck in the sweat, which allows the wheel to test the alcohol level. If your Blood Alcohol Concentration or BAC is greater than 0.08, the engine will not start. While the car is in motion, the wheel will continue to test your sweat. If the car senses you have passed the legal limit once you have begun driving, it will turn the hazard lights on while gradually slowing down to ten miles per hour and will send a message to the nearest police vehicle, via bluetooth that will continue reporting your location to the police car or station. This will result in an immediate response by the police by pulling over the driver and taking the accident risk off of the road.