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A bright future

Katie S.


When I traveled to the future I saw an amazing thing, a green, healthy earth. The people were educated very young and understood the importance a healthy earth for better living. They had many of the devices we have but when they were "outdated" they repurposed them and turned the cell phones and laptops into new trchnologies. Cell phones that were able to find peoples phones (tracking device) were modified so that they could find liter miles away. They still used our texhnologies but when they were done they didn't throw it away, they followed the guidelines reduce, reuse, recycle.
Everyone had their own gardens and raised livestock ( but only if they ate meat). People grew all of their favorite fruits and veggies and no one grew more than they needed. They still had a money system so people could buy the things they needed but the prices were very low. These people were very connected to each other with nature. They had a deep respect for everything.
Their vehicles were solar powered and electrically backed up. Fossil fuels were completely unneeded. Everything was natural and at your fingertips. Especially with the new technologies, like the one that automatically washed and dried your clothes and dishes after they are used. The technologies were amazing.
In conclusion, the future was an amazing place. I know that it is possible with the use of great minds. The close relationship between people was extraordinary and not like anything we do today. There was spmething no one thpught possible, world peace. The amazing part is that ot all is a possibility.