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A Different Type Of Imagination

Alyssa S.


My idea is an invention. So many people have wild and crazy imaginations. Why not put that to use? I present to you imagi-a-wear. Imagi-a-wear are such things as hats,glasses,and headbands that when you put it on it lets you simulate and be a part of your own imaginations. For example while you wear either the glasses, the headband, or the hat it makes you shut your eyes and gives you a vivid picture of your imagination, it will then place you in your dream and make you feel as if your active and participating in it. Affiliated to the headwear and glasses are microchips.When the microchips meet with your head it transports a signal to your brain, when the signal hits the part of your brain what some call the mental workspace(where your imagination comes from) the chip recicves all the data from it. The chip also send out a broadcast to the brain which makes it belive that your body is actually moving. I belive lots of kids and many people would like this. They would finally be able to be a part of their own imagination.