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A medication that helps bring back endangered species

abel r.


There’s a land out there that I have seen and visited that contained many different inventions. This land is known as Tomorrowland. It was truly stunning. Tomorrowland is a place where anything is possible and anything you can possibly think of can become a popular and helpful invention to the world’s economy and society. One invention I saw that everyone was going crazy about was a medication for endangered animals that has helped them reproduce twice as fast, thereby increasing the population. I saw animals that in the present are on the verge of extinction, some of these animals were the white rhinoceros, African and Asian elephants and humpback whales. This medication was a great invention! The earth and its endangered organisms have now been able to roam, and reproduce.
On Tomorrowland, I asked to see the endangered species list, as all the scientists laughed and said, “There are no more endangered species! This invention has saved all of them!” You may not believe this, but Tomorrowland is our future. The children and our generation have made this all possible! As I believe this medication has already spread around the world, may new things can be invented. The future is now in our hands!