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A More Formally Dressed Future

Abby S.


When I went to Tomorrowland I was amazed by what everyone was wearing. It was wonderful to see everyone treating each other so nicely. I quickly realized that everyone was being more formal because of how everyone was dressed. I believe that what you wear can affect your behavior. If everyone's fashion was more formal and clean people would treat each other better. This doesn't mean that it has to be more expensive. You just change the styles and how the clothing is made. They used more environmentally friendly fabrics like hemp, bamboo, or recycled cotton, and found better ways to grow these. When people are more mindful of what they wear and where it comes from they can be better, nicer people that can socialize better and that makes the whole world better. Clothing stores also sold fabric and had advertising to help people make their own clothes at home. Gandhi encouraged his people to make their own clothing. That helped save India. This helped save the future.