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A No School Medicine Future

Sarah Kate E.


One day in the future, we won’t have to go to school. There will be a medicine we take each year that will inject knowledge into out brains. The funding for the medication will come from taxes that citizens pay, just like a modern day school. Each year as we mature, we can acquire more and more knowledge from the medication. Each day, instead of going to school, children will be able to practice using their knowledge in the form of games until they turn 13. Once a child in the future turns 13, they must go to a training facility (similar to school) where they will be introduced to specific subjects. They will chose which they feel they would most enjoy doing, and they will take the medication for that subject from then on. To become more advanced on a subject, you would have to pay extra for more medication (similar to going to college). I think if this were to happen in the future it would decrease the rate of unemployment, poverty, and job loss.