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A Possible Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease

Akshada R.


Imagine waking up and not being able to remember who you are. Sounds scary, but to about 5 million Americans it is a reality. Alzheimer’s is a serious condition in which someone loses memory and other important mental functions. It is typically found in the elderly, the time when most people would like to cherish time with those they love. But with Alzheimer’s, that’s nearly impossible. After a fascinating visit to the future, I learned Alzheimer’s is no longer a problem. There is headgear, that appears to be a helmet. However, after a closer look, a screen can be seen. The screen displays different memories the person has experienced. Through this, whoever is operating the machine can choose a memory, they want the patient to remember. The headgear is 4 dimensional, meaning it can also use other senses like smell and taste to evoke a feeling and make the memory stronger. In the future, there are no longer patients who can not remember their friends and family. In order to make the future a reality, neurologists will need to find how find out how to make memories inside patient’s brain into an image or video inside the patient's head. Then, computer scientists will have to create the headgear with a new program called BRAIN CAM. With a creative team of neurologists and computer scientists, the future does not seem impossible anymore. Elderly people can stop worrying about Alzheimer's and start spending more time with the people they love and remember.