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A time machine through music book of dreams & hospital

Jemima P.


I love to sing but my sister has done more than that. she is writing a book on how she was obsseded with music and her dreams were so vivid she could almost take them away with only one touch. shes also inlove with these kappa alpha psi guys that rescued her when she was hospitalized. the book trails her journey to multiple realms of reality where she has to find the professor in an alternate world creating a time machine that reveals an acess card that allows her to bring her dreams to life. Shes already patented the real invention using music to alleviate mental illness. Its a watch that allows you to respond with holographics, benspecs that allow you to see other objects change your attire for people to see and modulate the bar, or sober bar as per the hospital zone she's creating. Thats how were bringing the future to tomorrowland. Its Annie's world and the sun is out. With biosonar we would create the perfect tool and wristband that allows clients to use the properties of humoreske and echolocation to produce more temperamental frequencies. Its how she developed the time machine. BY breaking the sound barrier to produce a rift in a black hole allowing for one to loop through time. The crazy thing about the design for her watch allows for a calculation of time. if you dare unlock it. It provides you with an equation for unlocking the parts of matter and energy required for the movement of time over history. If I could have a tomorrowland I'd make this invention come to life, but tomorrow is always a day away. We'd visit all 50 hospital centers and wear watches/specs