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Accessorized Medication

Makena W.


Everyone appears happy and healthy in the year 2021. I wondered why when I noticed this grand invention. Items people wear everyday such as earrings and glasses were altered to administer medicine. It’s quite astonishing.
The science behind these objects is quite simple. Veins in your ears connect to your central nervous system and the ends of glasses rest upon an area that absorbs prescriptions through the skin. Earrings contain the medication in liquid or patch form. The stud of the earring holds the medicine in liquid form and pumps out the prescription through the post in your ear using a time-release mechanism when you need it, given that everyone has forgotten to take their medication at some point. If someone needs medication continuously, a patch on the earring post or the ends of glasses is the better option.
Due to this groundbreaking invention, fewer people are getting sick and more people are compliant with influenza vaccinations. The mentally ill whom suffer from paranoia are more likely to take their medication since it is encased within objects used every day.
You, former self, can start researching for this invention today. New ways to administer medications were vaguely discussed in your time, but you can change that. I remember nicotine patches from the year 2015; they can be a starting point for research. Explore and find comfortable spots on the body where patches can rest. Design and create the timer for the medication. I promise you, you will succeed.