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ALA: Audiometric Language Adaptor



Dream of a world where you understand everyone without knowing every language! Tomorrowland makes it possible with the Audiometric Language Adaptor! This machine has 4 settings! It is a small wireless device you wear in your ear like a hearing aide. It picks up sounds and translates them immediately into your native tongue. It will have the option to safely be implanted behind the ear and be designed to minimize electromagnetic fields. The LANGUAGE setting gives you the ability to understand any language. The ALAs microphone translates all words right into your ear! The Hearing Impaired setting stimulates the auditory nerve. This setting helps those who have lost their hearing. The deaf and those with inadequate hearing will be able to hear and understand all languages! Its ability to block out background noise, like at a noisy restaurant, will enhance people's ability to have a normal social life. The Learning Impaired setting is for those who are learning disabled. This setting will translate everything into a 3rd grade level so they may communicate and understand with ease.
You can find out what your neighborhood animals have been saying with the Animal setting! You can translate animal sounds into your language. This setting will allow you identify animals by their sounds. It uses our own body heat for unlimited power! The easy to use, easy to manufacture, wearable ALA will break down cultural barriers and destroy cultural inequalities, especially for those with learning disabilities and those who have problems hearing. Dream the impossible, and make it possible!