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Dana E.


The 31st century has brought many new innovations to the world: robots, flying cars, time machines. From my visits to 2015, these inventions were all expected. But one important and much-needed invention that came about was not expected at all. This invention was the Alfa-Omega Diet Plan. The economic gap between developed and undeveloped nations had become so large that almost every country struggled with either obesity or malnutrition. Engineers were called from all over the world to come together and create a diet plan that would be inexpensive, nutritious, and available to everyone. I was one of those engineers- and I share this with you because if this plan had been intact in 2015, the Health and Nutrition Gap era would not have been so severe. The beauty of this plan is that all of the nutrition sources are conveniently raised in one's own residence. The two main sources are alfalfa sprouts and various types of fish, depending on the region. Alfalfa sprouts are nutritionally dense, easy to grow in any soil, and very tasty. Many different species of fish are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, and easy to raise in your very own tank. The combination of these two nutrients have been found to satiate most appetites and prevent disease. I'm bringing this to you now in hopes that it will prevent the massive loss of life that occurred from malnutrition and obesity related diseases over these decades.