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Adeline R.


Imagine you cannot see. Imagine you cannot hear. How many people want to communicate with you, but do not know how? Use of American Sign Language is a skill that not everyone has, but this should not be a barrier. Luckily, the future holds a solution to this problem!

“The Braille-celet”

The Braille-celet is a cuff style bracelet made of a soft, silicone-like material covering an impressive grid of stainless steel balls that are controlled by state of the art technology. When someone wants to communicate with you, all they have to do is speak; your Braille-celet's voice recognition technology kicks in and translates their words into Braille that raises to the surface of your Braille-celet. Then you can read and respond! Imagine how many wonderful ideas can be shared that we may have never known! Your communication possibilities are endless.

Companies in 2015 are already on the edge of making this idea a reality. Voice recognition and safe, comfortable, wearable technology already exist- all that is left is to combine these with new technology to turn people's words into Braille, and this could be a reality much sooner than the distant future! A great big beautiful tomorrow can happen for all people, today!