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Amputee Pill

Fernando B.


People who are born without an arm or feet are sometimes called amputees. Well I have a better solution then a robotic arm. My solution is pills that are built with micro technology, and has a micro 3D printer on it seems impossible. Well this is how it works, but only works it you don't have a arm or any other part of the body missing. You drink the pill and in about one or two days the process of printing will begin and from then in 24 hours you will have the same arm, leg, fingers, or toes you used to have. This pill reads you DNA from your other arm or part of the body and makes the same one on the other side or both arms. The pill will find its way to the missing body part and start growing itself in 24 hours. The price of this pill will cost for each one about 9,800 due to all the electronics on the pill. The pill will not affect the body in any bad way and will be completely safe. I honestly think this can become possible with brilliant brains and science. By the way the arm will be almost the same as the other one meat, bone, blood, everything a real arm or leg has. The only negative thing from this project is that the price is a bit high and not every one is going to be able to afford it. Also another bad this is when it is printing you can not go in water, pools, or and thing that is liquid. This is really going to help any one with no arm, leg, finger, or toes. Also you can download this application that will show you the status of the arm and in how much time it will be done, and when you will be able to go in the water. You can also stop the process.