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ANIE Bots: Nanotechnology from the Future

Maeghyn M.


Hey guys, I'm back from the future, and I discovered an awesome piece of technology. This technology I found works by using nanotechnology, approximately 50 nm in length, that allows the Automatic Neurosurgical Intellectual Equipment Bots, or ANIE Bots for short, to go into the places of the brain that would otherwise be inoperable, without using radiation, to remove tumors. The ANIE Bots enter the brain through the ear like sound does. It will pass through the tympanic membrane and cavity to the oval window. From there, it enters the cochlear. The nanobots will then enter the brain through the cochlear nerve. They will travel to the area the tumor is in by following the neural pathways in the brain that has already been programmed into the ANIE Bots processor. Once there, the ANIE Bots will begin to take chunks out of the tumor and inject the cells with a chemical that will render the cancerous cell inert and benign. They will continue this process until they have disabled all of the mutated cells. Once that is completed, the nanobots will take the chucks of the tumor to the top of the brain in the cerebrospinal fluid and place it so that it can be surgically removed later on. The nanobots will then exit the body the way it came. They disable themselves to be used for a different patient. We can attain the ability to do this medical operation by advancing our knowledge of the creation and operation of nanotechnology.