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Animal Translator

Sadie M.


Have you ever wondered what your animal is trying to say when it is hurt or sick? It may have an injury, bad disease, or sickness and you don’t even know! In the future, something called the animal translator is at work. This machinery is powered by carbon in the air, a common source of energy in Tomorrowland, and helps to diagnose what is wrong with your animal.
This machine acts like a video camera. Although it looks like a very small computer, you can hold it like a plain camera. By taking a scan of the animal’s head, the technology involved scans the brain for neuro activity, sending a video back to you on the mini screen. The visual information is then translated into a computerized voice which tells you how the animal feels, where the injury or sickness is located, and possible causes for the issue. This is especially helpful because some injuries require very specific program of care and others can be fixed very quickly. Knowing whether it is a virus, disease, or injury can make the frustration a lot less and help man’s, or woman’s, best friend when they need us the most!