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Sydney S.


Wow! I just got back from Tomorrowland! It's great to be home! The chrome styled buildings and agricultural marvels! But the best thing that I saw was the Anthro-Ater. The Anthro-Ater can turn ordinary people into animals for expeditions and experiments. A person steps into a cylinder shaped gated holder, then the person enters on a keypad the animal that they want to become. The machine starts up and gathers the DNA from that animal from it's extensive database. Then when the person is inside, it injects them with the special DNA and they start to transform. In a matter of minutes they step out and they are that animal! This is a marvel for scientists because now they can do tests not on a wild animal, but a volunteer human as the animal. They can test new skills and abilities and learn more about the eating, sleeping, and traits of a type of animal. And now scientists will be able to go into the Anthro-Ater and go to that animals habitat with out startling them and join the herd or group for a couple of days and learn the unknown! And it can help with conservation efforts by mating and preventing extinction. The Anthro-Ater is, and will be an amazing accomplishment with help from you! Save the Animals!