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Anti-Atomic Bond Ray – AABR

Basil S.


Let's say you're going backpacking while on vacation in Central America. You need to carry a lot of basic provisions, but all you have is a mere knapsack. How will you carry everything? That's when I took a walk into the future and witnessed the Anti-Atomic Bond Ray or AABR! This device is amazing! To use, you simply scan an object and watch the ray tear apart the object's chemical bonds, turning it into a pool of atoms in a liquid state. You can then easily pop the liquid into a container and off you go!

How to operate AABR

At first, the AABR looks like any ordinary scanner, similar to ones at a grocery store, but when the fingerprint lock is opened, it completely changes. Just point the AABR at an item, press "READY", and scan. To undo, flip the switch to "REVERSE", pour out your fluid object, and scan again. The AABR will recognize the elements in the fluid and immediately rebuild the object for you!

The Science Behind AABR

When I saw the AABR being used in the future, it worked perfectly by using super-high frequency on the nanometer scale. It disrupts the stability of atomic bonds, and as the object loses its chemical bonds, it loses volume, and becomes compressible. Our engineers can fast track this technology and make the AABR a reality if they perfect and control super-high frequency waves. Let's all enjoy a lighter more compressible future with the help of AABR!