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Artificial Intelligence Integrity Kernel

Jared H.


It’s ironic that journal entries were originally intended for reflection and objectivity. Learning from past experiences is an important part of being human. However, this entry is an attempt to reach back to a younger version of myself, in hopes that the student can have the opportunity, for a moment, to be the teacher.

Remember the recurring sci-fi plot where the self-improving robot got too smart for it’s own good (thanks to the internet) and, against its original purpose to improve humanity, went on to destroy it?
We’ve invented autodidactic technology, but our systems don’t contribute to apocalyptic scenarios; they help us improve our world. The current version of our AI translated the entirety of the internet in a mere twenty-seven days, and is currently working on a cure for the Mongolian epidemic that sprung up last week. Computers taking over menial tasks allows humanity to do what we do best- create.

Now, I wouldn't have undertaken inter-temporal data transfer solely to boast about futuristic AI. Our successes post-singularity are only possible because of the Integrity Kernel at the core of all modern AI. Even so, it’s not the best it could be. We need you, in 2015, to begin development early. Study hierarchal awareness and human-like motivational reward/punishment control mechanisms we can utilize in AI systems, drastically reducing the possibility of robotic apocalypse. The earlier this AIIK is developed before the singularity, the better prepared the world will be for it.