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Back From the Past

Aidan M.


In the future, objects from the past are restored. With new technology ancient ruins can look brand new. Over time, scientists have developed a chemical that cleans off grime and dust that could be centuries old. But recently, they took a step even further.
Even now, scientists have managed to genetically engineer living things like dogs. This technology, known as cloning, was considered to be used to recreate the wooly mammoth. However, many experts argued that this would be a bad idea. The mammoth wouldn't be at all familiar with the new technology in this new world. It could be dangerous for both people and animals alike.
However, the idea to recreate extinct species was not dropped. In the year of 2074, passenger pigeons, dodo birds, and many other animals have been recreated. Endangered animals like Bengal tigers and sea turtles have been repopulated to an abundant number. These animals were recreated using their own DNA, so they have held onto their original habits and abilities.
Though there are some problems that even technology cannot solve. Humans already have problems with overpopulation. As much as we try to avoid it, we're forced to destroy animal habitats for space. When we repopulate animals, they need somewhere to live. The problem is, there aren't many places for wild animals left. There are still problems to be solved with this discovery, but it is a great start to creating a better future using the past.