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Barometric Pressure Localizer Brace

Erik J.


Have you ever heard the phrase "Oh, it's an old football injury"? In the future, people no longer have a reason to say it.
To help people with joint injuries, the engineers of the future have created the Barometric Pressure Localizer Brace. On the outside, it looks like a large, airtight injury brace. On the inside, there are pillows of condensed air, hydrogen, and water vapor that release gasses into the empty portion of the brace to keep the barometric pressure around the injured joint consistent. This is beneficial to any person who has experienced an injury around a joint (especially people who like to travel a lot or live in places where there is inconsistent weather). First, it helps the injury heal completely. When the barometric pressure is frequently changing and hurting your joint, your injury will have a more difficult time healing. Second, it can reduce the number of re- injuries. Lastly, it eliminates pain without the use of medication, allowing people to travel more and to dance in the rain.
With the Barometric Pressure Localizer Brace, our citizens are safely globetrotting.