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Bio-degradable Fishing Line

Lukas T.


Since I'm a big fisherman, the first thing that I did when I got to the future was go fishing. To make it even better, I found out that they still fish with a rod, bobber and worms or lures of your choice. This made it easy for me because I didn't have to relearn how to fish with their equipment. But what was different was the fishing line. This new, bio-degradable line was just as strong as the regular line but if it broke off, got wrapped around an animal or tangled in a tree it would bio-degrade. It uses smart molecules that when exposed to O2 for over 72 hours it starts to degrade. The reel is closed to keep it air tight. I asked the fisherman if their line got weak, after awhile, and broke. They said the line doesn't get weak unless it is exposed to oxygen for 72 hours, continuously. It takes years for the line to weaken. When you are fishing only a small amount of the line is exposed to oxygen at one time and one cast might last 5 minutes at most. Thats barely any time in comparison to 72 hours. I fished for hours and caught 3 bass. But you should have seen the one that got away...