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Biogenetic Mapping Skin Graft

Croccifixio T.


The future of medicine starts here. Deadly burns and deep scrapes can now be fixed within hours. Imagine, you get severely burned in a fire now with the Biogenetic Mapping Skin Graft you will not have to suffer with the hideous scars to remind you of your past pain. This invention takes the Genetic markers from the symmetrical or opposite side of your body and crates a skin graph made out of your biological make up. Due to using a biological makeup of this graft we will use your own DNA to create this new skin. Your body will not be able to reject this new skin graft because it is apart of you as if it were always there. We insert the technology into a microscopic chip that is put into a serum made up of saline and the microchip. This then targets all of the damaged tissue in your body and crates new tissue and skin within 2 hours of injection. The future has shown a lot, and the future id Biogenetic Mapping Skin Graft.