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Bionic human charging capsule

Jack D.


In the future I saw bionic humans.They were amazing! They had human-sized capsules that included a shower to bathe and get dressed in. It was technology way beyond us, farther than the movie Tomorrowland! Inside the capsule there is a screen. The screen shows images of your clothing. Each time you apply your clothing to the closet they gets on the screen. When you pick the perfect outfit for you before you know it you are dressed.
The capsule also includes charging for bionic humans. The way it works is that the energy from your home is connected to a magnet. The magnet connects to the human's feet and the energy travels to the battery. Think of it like the wireless phone charging pads.
You probably never thought this was coming your way. But it finally has. A third amazing feature of the capsule is bathing. The process of bathing in the capsule is...a blue mist. Once the blue mist gets all around your body you are clean. A new feature that has to do with the bathing is...that the fan at the top of the capsule sucks the mist out.
The fan as I said before can shred objects, heat you up, and make you cool. All those features in one fan!
I know that this capsule is awesome because it has all of these gadgets in 1!!!
The impact of this capsule is that it makes life easier for bionic humans to live.
This makes an impact on bionic humans because it is easier for them to get dressed, bathe, reenergize.
To get to making this capsule faster we need to teach each other the arts of technology, designing and plumbing.