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Birds and Bats Approve of Wind Turbines!

Evelyn P.


This is your go to reporter Evelyn, reporting live from the future! I have some exciting news for environmentalists! Wind turbines have almost single handedly replaced fossil fuels. But what about wildlife? After all they used to kill between 20,000 to 573,000 birds per year in the U.S. alone. But were the bats spared? No! In fact, they had more casualties than the birds did, with a grand total of more than 600,000 per year in the U.S.. But now we have a solution! A neon glowing wire, similar to deer netting is being used to minimize the deaths of birds and bats. It covers the blades of the wind turbines in a shape like a balloon that is being squeezed. The wire is easy to manufacture, using wind power. The turbines still provide plenty of wind energy and flying critters can easily spot and avoid turbines. Now the use of fossil fuels has died along with plenty of pollution, instead of the birds and bats! And that concludes my live report from the future!