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Bridge to the Medical Future

Gracious M.


The human body. The human body is very complex but, with this complexity there comes complications. Those complications are called diseases. The top two diseases for the United States are Heart Disease and Cancer, but there is hope, for the future. That hope is the Bridge to the Medical Future. That bridge is nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology is a technology executed on a scale of anything less than 100 nanometers ,the goal of which is to control individual atoms and molecules, especially to create computer chips and other microscopic devices. Basically, it means individual atoms that you can control to do a basic job.

As I was walking in the future I saw a hospital and walked into it. After a couple blocks I went into the check-in. I saw a patient who was going to the E.R.. The doctors, pediatricians, and surgeons who were one of them had a big nozzle with a needle. I snuck in to the operating room. It took a long time, so I slept a little. After one of the pediatricians left the operating he told me about nanotechnology. He told me specifically what type of nanotechnology. He told me it was Molecular Nanotechnology. He explained to me that the nanotechnology was molecular. The pediatrician told me the process in which they inject into the patient. The pediatrician also told me that the nanotechnology is programmed to find anything suspicious that could hurt or even kill the body. After that it destroys the bacteria cells and exits the body. This innovation really changed the future. The doctor talked that it increased life span of humanity. This is the bridge of hope