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Can I read minds?

Maria O.


I remember this day like if it was yesterday. After stepping out of the school bus I knew this was going to be a weird day. At lunch I was talking to my friends and suddenly my eyes turned to this shiny thing next to the swings by the playground. I got closer to it and it was a remote a little , gold, and shiny remote. There was a circle on the middle so I click on it and suddenly I could see things on top of people heads, like facts. I got closer to where my friends were, and I read the words on top of their heads they wrote things about me some were negative and others positive but I didn't liked the negative comments there were about me being sometimes annoying. “Merry are you okey?” Sasha who is my best friend asked, I said yes and just walked away. Once I was on the bus I clicked the circle again but I was too scared to read the negative or positive thought that people had about me, because I believe that the only thing that those comments do are to make you feel bad, also those thoughts are theirs and I have no right to steal them from there mins. The remote is amazing but it can hurt your feeling so the next morning I crashed the remote by stepping on it. Technology is a great thing but it has its limits.