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Cancer Fighting Bacteriophages

Cady O.


In the future, I see nobody having cancer. Right now, in the present, scientists are working on a cure with bacteriophages. Well, time travel 100 years into the future, and cancer is not even a problem. That is because scientists have engineered a robotic bacteriophage. It is exactly like a normal one, but with an extra tube sticking out of the top. It attacks the cancerous cells, and injects the cells with its own DNA. That tells the cancer cells to make more of the bacteriophage instead of the cancer cells. In just two minutes, the cell is filled with mini bacteriophages. They us that little tube on the top of their bodies to rip open the cell and escape to go attack more cells. Since they are robotically engineered, they cause no disease. The future is an almost cancer free place because of these.