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Cancer Treating Pod

Kiara B.


Tomorrowland is a futuristic, mystical world of ideas where anything is possible. I have returned from there to tell you of the technological inventions that we have created and the way our society has progressed over the years. We have progressed in categories such as health, architecture and education. These categories have become some of our main priorities because there has been growing problems in each of them. Health has become a growing problem in our modern lives with diseases and child obesity rates going up. In Tomorrowland we have found a solution to these everyday problems such as the cancer treating pod.
The cancer treating pod is one of the greatest innovations that has been created in the future and has helped many people. It treats any type of cancer known to man such as colon, lung, heart, etc. It not only treats cancer but it can detect if you have it or it’s beginning to appear and treat it right away. To make things even better it can also detect if you have any other diseases and tell you how to cure it or cure it for you.
It works in a miraculous way. It's almost like a tanning bed but instead of hurting you it heals your illnesses. Once it has figured out what illnesses you have, it has a compartment that holds all the cures and it injects you or if it can't be cured by an injection it will recommend doctors that can help you.