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Car Of The Future

Bria U.


In the past, there weren't cars that run by using carbonated water like the cars we have today. The way that our cars work is you press a button to tell our robot helpers what to do. Our robots get the engine ready by shaking up the water to make bubbles to help the car go. Our robots also keep the caps on the bottles when the car is slowing down and put the bottles where the engine would be on a car. After the bottles of carbonated water are ready, our robots take the caps off and a stopper goes over the bottles so we can go. An invisible field keeps the water by the car and makes it travel back into the car to be used again. A gallon of water makes the car go 75 miles per hour, a pint of water makes it go 45 mph, a cup 25 mph and so on. If we need to go slower we press the brakes which makes a stopper go over the water. Last but not least, if we flick a switch, we can make our cars have wings and fly. This car helps our environment by giving us cleaner air.