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Carbon Dioxide Inhaler

Robert S.


One wonderful invention in the future is a CO2 Inhaler. It reduces smog, slows global warming, decreases CO2 increase levels, and
reduces the risk of lung cancer. It will be used commonly around areas with a large amount of CO2 concentration. Anyone can use the CO2 Inhaler, and especially, large businesses and it can be placed anywhere. It is powered by a 12 in. – by 12in. solar panel so it doesn’t pollute the air. A vacuum pulls CO2 or CO1 into the filter. Inside the body there are three filters. The filters have a tight grid to ensure no Carbon escapes and bonds with oxygen to form CO2 or CO1.There will be four lasers at the end of the inhaler that will arrange the carbon atoms in a diamond formation. When the carbon atoms are in the correct diamond formation they would be bonded together. The lasers will send out beams of light. The lasers are on all the time because they are solar powered. First, the lasers will arrange the carbon atoms in the diamond formation. Then, the lasers will heat the carbon atoms to make a diamond. The lasers will be controlled by a computer chip. The remaining air from the CO2 will be released into the air.
2CO2 -> 2O2 + C2
2 CO3 -> O6 2C