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CF Bands

Alexandra R.


“What is the future?” That is the question we may never know. As children, we are programmed to think of a world with flying cars and bubbles for buildings. People never tell us that the future is not only about advanced technology, it is about helping the world become a better place. Remember all those times you got a cut and the bandage just refused to stay on your skin and when it did, your skin got irritated? I think we all know this problem all too well. What if we had a solution to this? Well, now we do. What if we had carbon microfiber bands? They would be washable so we wouldn’t have to throw away so many bandages. The band would have antibiotics inside it. The bands would be adjustable and made in different sizes for different places on your body. To stick on your skin, you would not have to put any glue of any sort on the material. The fiber bands would act like a sleeve, blocking out bacteria or unwanted chemicals. The fiber bands are also better than liquid skin because you can hold antibiotics in the fibers. Just imagine how much waste we could eliminate with this. Also, think about how many people will not have their cuts become infected. This product could help humanity's’ biggest problem, litter. It could also help with making people more comfortable. Carbon microfiber bands could be the answer.