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Chemistry Induced Invisibility

Maeve C.


The date is September 9, 2025. On this day, something that will change humanity is found. In a search provided by Professor Angus B Intellect, 3 chemicals are found in a doctor’s hand glove. The chemicals are named Tact XYZ; and were found to almost eliminate visibility to the user. The chemicals and Prof. Intellect are bought by the F.B.I for 4.3 billion dollars. This deal has become a catalyst to Tomorrow Land’s security forever. How, you may ask? Security units have lowered crime at rates of 67% in the first decade after Tact XYZ and that number has increased over the past years. Invisibility is not only for the law enforcement but also for the common person as well. If people are scared when they are alone, people put on their invisibility emergency clothing and a safe feeling comes over them. The secret of the chemical is that they can be mixed in a certain way to induce invisibility. After being stirred, the clothing or other object will be hidden from the eye are for as much time as needed, the objects are indeed invisible. Be ready world, invisibility will be here tomorrow giving justice for all.