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child saftey sensor

Abigail B.


I've been to the future and seen wrist bands on every child that are called child safety sensors. they help to stop child abuse. They are put on at birth and they detect forces like pressure and connect to the nerves in the child's body to detect pain and abuse to the child. If the child is being abused or beaten the wristband reports to the police and tells all the info of the child that is programed into the wrist band at birth. the band tells the location of the child and the police can stop the abuse. The wrist band can be taken off once the child becomes a adult if he or she wants it taken off. It is a 100% water proof and is flexible and comfortable while also being durable and close to indestructible. New information is added whenever the child moves or grows in age.This simple wrist band saves the lives of children being abused everywhere.