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Chips For Addicts

Daniel G.


My invention are chips for addicts. Let me get this straight, not chips as in the snacks but as in Microchips. Although microchips can already be seen in people today but not in the way I imagine them. These chips would be placed into people’s brains and would function as a guide to brain. They would help addicts that are addicted to alcohol, smoking, bitting their nails, etc. The chip would effect the brains activity by controlling the craves the brain gets. Sometimes these cravings cannot be controlled. This could help our lives in the future by controlling some people that have an addiction that may cause people to waste all their money on their addiction. This is a good thing because some addicts waste their money and have a family to support and by the time they have wasted the money they cant support them. Even though some people go to support groups and stuff sometimes these therapy session don’t always work. Although the main purpose for these would be to help stop addiction they would also have other things like tracker for people that get lost while drunks, reminders if the person is taking medication, or even a signal that would alert if the person is having suicidal thoughts. The invention would hopefully help many people who suffer with addiction in the future.