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Clean Air For The Future

Drake M.


I’m years into the future, standing at the site of the former Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant.
Trees are growing, flowers are blooming and birds are singing. It is a beautiful day drenched in sunshine, blue skies and fluffy clouds.
The scene here looks quite different from the nuclear disaster that occurred in 1986.
There are parks filed with families running around, enjoying the beautiful outdoors.
Children are smiling, laughing and playing, all because of an air scrubbing innovation known as the “Scrubomatic-3000”.

The Scrubomatic-3000 is a high powered air treatment unit; lightweight, portable and powered by alternative clean-energy, like solar and wind. It treats air-borne pollution problems such as:
- Dirt-Dust
- Chemical
- Radioactive
- Hydrocarbon

Depending on the situational needs, the unit is as small as a purse or as large as a refrigerator. The units can be combined to tackle most air pollution problems, large or small.

The technology is affordable and the units can be manufactured quickly. They can be delivered easily and placed around the world whenever and wherever they are needed.

The Scrubomatic-3000 has had such a positive effect on the environment. Sites visited during my trip, once polluted, are now thriving ecosystems for all forms of life to prosper and enjoy.

This technology allows countries to tackle the toughest environmental problems and thus enables them to direct resources towards other issues like economic development, education and quality of life.

The Scrubomatic-3000 future looks so bright, we will all need to wear shades.