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Shivani N.


In tomorrow land cloning of people successfully is possible. By taking the DNA of a person and injecting it into a cell they have cloned people and animals. By cloning extinct animals, they now have extinct animals roaming Earth. This was called De-Extinction. It was happening in labs all over the world. Scientists would go to oil refineries and gather animals’ remains(fossil fuels).Then they went to a lab and cloned the DNA into infant cells.We can help speed this process along by moving along and instead of doing the normally unsuccessful process of cloning adult DNA and instead use child DNA so clones will be like they were just born. For cloning prehistoric animals,which only had dead DNA,the scientists used a special algorithm to alter the DNA to what they think a prehistoric animal would be like in it’s infantry. This is useful because then scientists can study more about prehistoric animals. They could find a crop that is resistant to many diseases and gives better food so that they could clone it and not have famines. Food is not the only problem cloning can solve. By cloning body parts such as extra hearts people can have proper body parts in surgery, and maybe even have altered ones that work better. With cloning we can change the DNA of stomach bacteria to fight bad bacteria. This would bring deaths every year by sickness down by massive numbers. Cloning was a important innovation innovated in tomorrow land.