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Color Cloth

Mia S.


"I love your dress!" said Jane. "Thanks," said Lily,"but does it look better in green?", Lily pressed a button on the sleeve of her dress and her purple dress with blue hearts turned green. "I like purple better." said Jane. "You know, my mom said that when she was our age, they had all sorts of pieces of clothing that could only be one color or pattern," Lily said. "can you imagine keeping up with all of that?" "No, I am so glad they came up with color cloth! Now I can wear anything I want and only own one piece of clothing, and I just love how I can design something, press a few buttons, and I'm wearing it," Jane chirped. "hey, let's both wear the same thing tomorrow." "Yes, oh, here's the hoverbus- let's talk about what we can wear tomorrow on the way to school." said Lily. With that, they boarded the hoverbus and headed for school.