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Combating Cancer with Nanotechnology

Giavana P.


The nanobots, impeccably equipped with DNA scanning technology, coursed through the hypoxic environment of a glioblastoma, where cancerous cells divide rapidly. I have returned to inform you, the reader of the past, about what the future holds. These nanobots resemble pac-men in shape and function by consuming tumor cells once injected into the designated tumor site, or even the bloodstream. Prior to intratumoral injection, these nanobots are designed and programmed to identify specific mutations in somatic cell DNA. This is done by scanning the DNA of a “normal” somatic cell prior to treatment, thus allowing the nanobot to remember the control for DNA comparison. These nanobots are then injected into the cluster of mutated cells, and uses embedded nanotechnology to detect any DNA mutations in the cells it comes into contact with. Once the mutation is detected, the nanobot simply engulfs the cell, stopping it from further dividing. After the treatment is said and done, the nanobots are removed through a simple magnetic force, taking the cancer out of the body with it. These nanobots are a cure-all for cancer that raged through countries when I left the present day to venture into the future.
With this technology, lives will be saved from the edge of death.
If you haven’t figured out how to cure cancer by the time your read this, fear not for the future holds the silver bullet to this 21st century epidemic.