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Crime Charm

Samyukta S.


I went to the future and saw something great. A person had built something that made crimes very infrequent. It was so good that almost no one stole or harmed another person in any way. The police had placed a small charm on every person that can be controlled remotely. Whenever someone does something bad it gave them a shock for one minute. The police can also travel super fast; so they can reach the bad guy or girl before they wake up. When they are caught the charm goes to recharge so it can work again. When the charm is recharging it won’t harm the person. The charm works by a remote with the police who have a secure password that no one knows and no one can hack. The charm can do five shocks before it is fully out of charge. The charm gets weaker when it doesn’t have a lot of charge. When I came back I wished the future was with me.