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CT 4.0: Creating Technology for Others

Jocelyn A.


One night, while I was stargazing in my backyard, a voice whispered in my ear, “Welcome to Tomorrowland.”

I closed my eyes and when I opened them, I saw amazing things: robots helping people, scientists curing diseases and electric cars flying about. But there was one invention that caught my eye.

I saw a flying crate inscribed with the words “Destination: Ethiopia.” It folded its wings and landed by my feet. I opened the lid that doubled as a solar panel so the crate could create its own renewable energy. Inside was a GPS unit to track its exact location and a note that read:

Please place clothing in good condition and nonperishable food items in this crate for people in need.

I took off my jacket and placed it in the crate. Then I ran inside and grabbed two cans of fruit cocktail. I closed the lid and watched the crate zoom around, using its radars to sense objects in its way, especially when it landed. As soon as the crate was full, it flew into the sky and headed to Ethiopia.

We don’t have flying crates just yet. However, kids today can use regular crates to collect food and clothing from friends and family. When they’re done collecting, they can take the crates to their local airports to send to those in need. If an airport doesn’t have this service, kids can petition them to start one, or they can give their donated items to a local charity.