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Doors to the Future

Valeska W.


As I was walking through the streets in the future, something struck me as odd. There was a multitude of people, yet barely any apartments. It’s miles until the next city, so where does everyone live? I had to find out, so I asked around and got answers. Everyone wants to “live” in the city. Their solution? Behind the biometric-locked doors in
apartments are teleporters that lead to homes built in the countryside. So why people didn’t live elsewhere and just make teleporters to get to the city? I found that a long time ago, they tried this and it caused a lot of injuries because too many people wanted to get to the same spot. They also tried designated teleportation spots, but there was too much traffic and wait time. Now, they just have apartments that can fit thousands of teleporters to different homes without taking up city space. They tore down houses and apartments to create space-efficient homes when they started this project. The city still has functioning teleporters for transportation to other cities, beaches, or parks. Since people don’t go to these places as often as work or school, they’re willing to wait and schedule a time to use the teleporters. Right now, we can research ways to split molecules so they can be easily transported and rebuilt without harming anyone. Soon, humans will be able to create teleporters that could solve many problems, including the overcrowding in major cities that causes pollution, poverty, and health problems.