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Double “D”

Sean S.


Disintegrated Doo
Once upon a time there was a kid named Sean that hated picking up doo from his dog. Somehow the doo had to make it to the trash. He took multiply bags to the trash whenever his dad mowed. “If only there was an easier way”’ he said. Sean thought long and hard and came up with a solution-Disintegrated Doo! Is it a spray solution that disintegrates dog doo.

Product Facts
• The decomposing happens in 30-45 minutes after being sprayed.
• The product is not harmful in any way to the environment.
• It is not scented.
• It leaves the nitrogen content in the fecal matter at a level that is helpful in lawn care behind.
• By deposing of the doo properly using Double “D”, one is lowering the bio hazard for storm water runoff.
• Double “D” kills bacteria that is harbored in some dog doo which includes E. coli, salmonella and giardia.
• The pump action spray bottle is made with recycled material.
• It can be easily hooked on to your mower for convenient use and application.