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Dream Connect

Grant S.


Have you ever wondered what the great inventions of the future would be and come to this populated world? Well, I’m here from the future to explain the wonder filled and awesome device called the dream connector. This contraption first, puts you in a virtual world where you can do whatever you want. You can fly a space ship, build a castle, make robots and form an army, or even use super powers! This all does it while your’ dreaming away but not really because you are in your own virtual world! Oh, and your probably wondering what the second part to this crazy cool invention is. Well, not only do you have your own virtual world, but you can play around with your friends. Yes, this is called Dream connect. Dream connect works by simply seeing if your friends are asleep and also seeing if they have the device on them. If both of those are on, then you can play with your fiends all night long. Dream connect has affected many humans in a positive way. These ways include a stress free day after using Dream connect and more socializing with friends or somebody else. Another positive effect is that they can let people pursue their “dreams” in their virtual world. Dream connect is probably the coolest invention I have seen since the hover car in 2035. Anyways, when the time comes to you (in the future) good luck and have fun with Dream connect!