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Dress Cam

Trinity L.


All through the human age we have spent precious time trying to find the perfect clothes to wear.

During my trip to Tomorrowland the people there were all dressed extremely fashionable. Not only were they dressed great, but I learned it took them no time at all to get ready. This is thanks to the Dress Cam. The Dress Cam scans your body and has a database of all of your clothing items. The database is created by scanning the barcode tag of any new item you purchase, with each new scan your database is updated. When you no longer want to keep an item, you simply delete it from the database. It picks out your outfit according to what you have in your closet, your mood (based on a quick 3 question survey when you turn on the program), the weather and the season. It brings out the best of your features. You simply scan your body and let the program do the rest. The app will analyze the information and advise you on what to wear. It will even let you know items that you should purchase to add to your wardrobe. Creating more time to do other more important activities, like hitting that snooze button one more time.