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Driver Safety

Anna Z.


On my class trip to the future, I was most interested in seeing the advancements in car safety, the week before I had just finished a project in school in which I learned that more than one million people die on the road each year. These fatal accidents are caused by careless driving or unexpected deaths in cars, such as a stroke. I saw that with advanced technology this common hazard is completely preventable. Even in the future where pods and flying vehicles were available, safety is still a necessity. On my trip I discovered RAE (Roadside Assistance Enhancement) a microchip that is implanted in the vehicle's seat, and connected to monitors on the vehicle’s body and engine. This chip can sense nearby surroundings, infrastructure stability, and medical and health features. In the case that the sensor senses two or more vehicles or other objects within two feet of each other, the vehicle is automatically stopped. When within two feet, RAE sends an alert signal to the engine, causing it to instantly shut down until it is safe to continue driving. Disease or stroke incidents that happen in the car are also taken care of by RAE. When such an event occurs, RAE will alert the engine to bring the driver to the nearest hospital to insure maximum safety. With RAE the world can be a much safer place where people can be confident when on the road or in the air and continue life on a protected path.