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Eating and Technology Team Up to Save the World!

Avalon T.


The app I created in summer of 2015 has helped solved things like climate change, deforestation, pollution, and world hunger, all by adopting Earth friendly diets! By the 2016 presidential election, everyone was talking about this new technology, and my app had gone viral! People were excited to learn about how every time they ate, they had the opportunity to make change – it was simple to get started right away! This app explains which foods use the least resources, have the least emissions, and have the least overall effect on the environment; these things are what assign an EcoValue to food. People can personalize their app to their color and design preferences, and also challenge others around the world as they strive to improve their EcoValue.

World hunger and food shortages no longer exist, since people are now eating primarily plant-based foods that need fewer resources. Just a couple of years after I created the app, Epcot in Kissimmee had worked with me to create an amazingly fun, interactive experience about it in Futureworld, and working together, we were able to educate hundreds of thousands of visitors!

Visiting the future, I was honored and thrilled to see that my idea had turned into a global phenomenon, bringing positive change through new habits. I always knew I would be a vital part of making a better Tomorrowland!