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Eco Emissions

Katie C.


While I was in the future I saw different types of cars that all had the same amazing mechanics. The mechanics in the cars is called Eco Emissions. The exterior of the car is made of solar panels. The car charges up solar energy and runs on it, but if the solar energy charge runs out it automatically starts using carbon monoxide, and then carbon dioxide. When the car is on these last two functions it also emits oxygen.

The impact Eco Emissions has on the world is huge. Using solar energy, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide means a smaller carbon footprint for the world and conserving oil for emergencies. Releasing oxygen will make up for plants if they can’t get enough carbon dioxide for photosynthesis for a certain amount of time. Using carbon monoxide would also mean less chance of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The modern day world could be on a fast track to making the Eco Emissions by experimenting with ways to make engines.