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ECO friendly car

Sara D.


Meet ECOair! This is truly the first eco friendly car in a place like Tomorrowland.
This car runs on trash from landfills. It has solar panel chips embedded throughout the car to power headlights.
Instead of oil and toxic gasses, it shots out seeds that the owner feeds in a special compartment different from the trash. When the car passes fertile meadows, it has a sensor that activates the seed compartment to open.
Along with the seeds, it emits oxygen that comes from the carbon dioxide that the organic trash produces.
If the need arises, you can also charge it with air. This will be a low price automobile since the producers are people who want to buy the car and other eco minded volunteers.
As a result, it will be a very standard car with limited options and features. The only available colors are primary colors red, blue and yellow.
If the customer requests it, the only special built in option is the ability to fold into a metal briefcase to take up less parking space, but that will increase the price by 79%.