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Education in Developing Countries-The “Tech-book”

Rosiana F.


Today, kids my age in developing countries don't have good teachers, textbooks, or schools in their area. Lots of kids have to work in the day to provide for their families and are not able to go to school in the day. The solution? A class they can attend on their own time, that teaches itself, doesn't require electricity or internet, and fits in the palm of their hand. The "Tech-book"-the tablet that teaches.

As a lesson is taught, the program gives you harder or easier questions based on your responses and explains key concepts in math, science, reading, or writing. The Tech-book is solar charged and ready to be used at the child's convenience, despite not having access to electricity! In the future, kids with Tech-books who receive a basic education will be able to get better jobs and live better lives. Today, kids that want to pursue a career in technology could create this and change the futures of kids just like us around the world.